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With over 35 years of prop sync troubleshooting experience, we have the expertise you are looking for.  Call us to discuss your issue, or our easy to use  rental test equipment.

Whether you have a  Type I system, a Type II, a synchronizer, or synchrophaser, we support the entire scope of sync system applications that use Woodward or Ontic components.

Woodward synchonizer synchrophaserProp Sync Solutions has experience and knowledge to solve your system issues on aircraft installed with either Woodward or Ontic prop sync components.

Ontic Systems Synchronizer Synchrophaser

* Prop Sync Solutions is not affiliated with Woodward or Ontic Engineering.

Thanks for your help in troubleshooting our P-Baron prop sync. Your extensive knowledge and expertise pointed me in the right direction and saved me a great deal of time and energy. We got the system working again after several years of being inop and the owner was very happy.

Thanks again and I will recommend your services to my fellow technicians.

I flew the Duke on Sunday. Everything is working beautifully. The Prop Sync capture is fast and deliberate; much more impressive than I’ve experienced in the last 12 years of owning this airplane.

I’ve shared my experience with others.

Want to know more about my views and experience around aircraft prop sync?

Your (prop sync system) troubleshooting kit it is absolutely fantastic.  Saved us a lot of time.  Thank you much for your help!

“The TB2-1 tester was very helpful in finding the problem which was a grounded wire on the RE sensing circuit. Once fixed, we ran through the operational tests using the tester and the system worked well.”

“Your Type II Test Unit (TB2-1) works great !! Everything seems to be in sync now on the aircraft (pun very much intended). Thanks for all your help !!!”

“Thank you again for the great help, and the TB2-1 tester. It made my life easy!!”

“We had a customer come in with a 421B with a prop sync problem. He had been to several shops to have his prop sync repaired without any luck. Our customer mentioned that he saw Prop Sync Solutions on the internet, so I followed up and called. Being always concerned with completing jobs timely, I was impressed with how accessible Mark was. He was always quick to return calls and emails. I rented his Type 1 test box,and with his support was able to nail down the faulty component immediately.

Prop syncs can really soak up labor troubleshooting faults, and having a company like Prop Sync Solutions is a real benefit. I highly recommend them to anyone with a prop sync or prop synchrophaser problem”

Your test box operated perfectly and identified the problem for us to repair.

Mark Rein | Prop Sync Solutions

Mark Rein | Prop Sync Solutions

With our rental equipment you can test your prop-sync control box, aircraft wiring, and system components while they are installed!

Phone: 815-230-0300
Fax: 815-230-0332
Mobile: 815-298-7017
Email: mark@propsyncsolutions.com

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