Aero Commander | Featured in Esso Aviation Products
(circa 1955)

Aero Commander | Esso Aviation - 1955 Flying Magazine

Cargo: One Engineer and Slide Rule

Aero Commander | Esso Aviation - 1955 Flying Magazine

Mr. M. is on his way to solve a difficult production problem at a plant 700 miles from his home office.

His company plane will get him there fast, comfortably and free of restricting schedules.

He’ll set down at one of over 600 Esso Dealer Airports, where he can let the Esso Aviation Dealer take over. By showing his Esso Aviation Credit Card and identifying himself, Mr. M. can charge high quality Esso Aviation fuels and lubricants, tire and battery service, landing fees, over-night storage, and minor emergency repairs.

Mr. M., like thousands of other business flyers, has learned to rely more and more on famous Esso Aviation Products — used by the world’s largest airlines and backed by over 45 years of flight testing and research.