Woodward Type II Sync Box Examples

Woodward Synchronizer / Synchrophaser Systems

Beginning in the early 1960’s Woodward supplied synchronizer systems, and later synchrophaser systems to a multitude of aircraft manufacturers. Numerous conversion companies, FBO’s, and owners also upgraded twins by installing this equipment…
Woodward Type I Synchronizer

Aircraft Synchronizers vs. Synchrophasers

Aircraft multi-engine applications usually use an automatic system to match either engine or propeller speeds, or propeller phase. These systems are referred to as either synchronizer or synchrophaser systems respectively. This discussion explains…
Mitsubishi MU2 | Prop Sync

Why Prop Sync

Aircraft propeller sync systems  have been installed on your aircraft for both pilot and passenger convenience. Speed and/or relative propeller phase are naturally affected by normal flight conditions and require adjustment either automatically or manually.
Aero Commander 560-A | Flying Magazine, September 1955

Aero Commander 560-A | Twin Bed Comfort
(circa 1955)

Longer - Roomier - More Comfortable Twin-bed comfort is but one of the flexibility features made possible by the longer, roomier cabin of the new 5-7 place Aero Commander 560-A. The optional hassock seat unfolds in seconds to provide a…
Aero Commander | President Eisenhower - Flying Magazine, Aug. 1955

Aero Commander | President Eisenhower’s Executive Transportation
(circa 1955)

President's Plane President Eisenhower and his pilot, Lt. Col. William Draper, stand in front of the Chief Executive's new Aero Commander which will e used for short trips. In 1910, "Teddy" Roosevelt became the first man who had been President…
Aero Commander | Esso Aviation - 1955 Flying Magazine

Aero Commander | Featured in Esso Aviation Products
(circa 1955)

Cargo: One Engineer and Slide Rule Mr. M. is on his way to solve a difficult production problem at a plant 700 miles from his home office. His company plane will get him there fast, comfortably and free of restricting schedules. He'll…
Cessna | Fastest Business Twin - Flying Magazine Oct. 1955

Cessna 310 | Fastest Business Twin
(circa 1955)

First Businessliner boasting a top speed of over 220 m.p.h., Cessna's new 5-place 310, with space for 200 lbs. luggage, sets new standards as the... Fastest Business Twin (circa 1955) Speed with a purpose Two 240 h.p. engines give the 310…