Woodward Synchronizer / Synchrophaser Systems

Woodward Type II Sync Box ExamplesBeginning in the early 1960’s Woodward supplied synchronizer systems, and later synchrophaser systems to a multitude of aircraft manufacturers.

Numerous conversion companies, FBO’s, and owners also upgraded twins by installing this equipment under STC.

This lead to multiple combinations of components used on hundreds of models of aircraft. These systems have their own unique characteristics both in operation and specific troubleshooting approach.

Woodward Prop Sync

Sync applications include turboprop aircraft, propeller-driven reciprocating engine applications, as well as jet applications up to and including DC9/MD80 aircraft.

Regardless of your type of system: Type I synchronizer, Type I synchrophaser, Type II synchronizer, or Type II synchrophaser we can supply the answers you need.